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Everest Moving Equipment

All Terrain Dolly

All Terrain Dolly

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The All Terrain Dolly! This is an absolute essential for moving heavy pieces on uneven ground. It works well for moving things like pianos, gun safes, heavy cabinets, etc. across grass or gravel. Here are some of the key features:

  • Smooth, treadless tires - Reduce the amount of dirt tracked into the home.
  • Soft air-filled tires - Prevent leaving marks when rolling across hardwood and other sensitive surfaces.
  • 6 wheels - Give great stability with heavy loads.
  • Lowered center axle - Allows for easy turning.
  • E-track hookups - Allow loads to be securely held onto the dolly.
  • High-grip rubber - Prevents loads from slipping off the dolly. 
  • Robust welded metal frame - Allows for years of demanding use.
  • Lightweight all-aluminium frame - at 35lbs, it is easy to carry with one arm.

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